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Calculating Economic Trends

Being at the forefront of developments in business can help businesses of all sizes to stay afloat, but it must be done in a calculated manner. The right combination of marketing, administration, sales, support and social media provides the key to success. Trends come and go, so look for those staying power. This is especially […]

Starting a Business: Business Trends Spa

If you want to start a successful business, make sure you are in an area that interests you and appreciates the work. Equally important, you want to take a look at industry trends to see how you can better position your business for success. In summary, trends usually formed to meet market needs. The more […]

Suite of Business Trends grow your business

Monitor business trends (both general trends and trends in your industry) is important to the success of health and long term business. Keep abreast of trends, does not mean you should be on the “tip” of each trend. But you have to see these trends so that your business does not become obsolete as competitors […]

Superior Service Business Trends

The baby boomers represent a significant market share. According Contractor means of communication, 2020, twenty-five percent of people in the US will be over the age of 65. As they age, the business opportunities in the care of older people growing and expected to increase. Although the number of home care and assisted living companies […]

Three trends of the future Strategic Planning

To pass the time? What seems like yesterday that the intended goals this year and is now six months or God forbid, two years later! As for the future is often difficult because we are so focused on the past and present. Recently talking to two local leaders here in Northwest Indiana and across the […]