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Running a Small Business Strategic

On Monday morning, the business owner returned from a long journey in search of his company closed. He was left with a note on the door saying… “This is to inform you quit You left me to act on his behalf, but did not tell me about these issues Bills were months late providers called […]

Small Business, Strategic Marketing and Article Writing

Strategic Marketing is a technique by which companies focus their resources on the most relevant, affordable methods and increased sales compared to the all-out advertising campaigns. This is to focus on two main components: how to approach the competition and how it will integrate its strategy of targeted advertising in their day to day business. […]

Small Business Strategic Marketing – The five key macroeconomic issues for your business

Here are five of the most important economic issues that you may want to think – illustrated with reference to the UK (October 2010) and some tips that may be useful. 1. Outlook: Globally, it is basically an East / West division here with Western economies that have historically been the powerhouse of the now […]

Big Ten fears scare small businesses outside the strategic planning

A comment often offered to me when I speak of strategic planning for small business owners and managers is that your company or organization is too small for strategic planning. Or are they going to offer any number of other excuses why not use strategic planning for your business. In my opinion, this is a […]

Small Business CRM Software

Customer Relationship Management software has helped automate the way you managed the contact points with customers. In the competitive environment business contact management software has made life much easier than it was a decade ago for the sales team. You as a salesperson do not have to fill in diary after diary of information and […]

How Your Small Business Can Outmanoeuvre The Big Brands

Should every small business owner have big ambitions? Certainly almost anyone who enters into the world of the entrepreneur or starts up their own, whether based at home, the high street or the web, has dreams of becoming a future success. After all, every large high street store, every national or international chain and every […]

Tiding The Economic Crisis As A Small Business

The world is facing one of the worst global economic recessions that it has ever seen. Thousands of people have been rendered jobless and many small businesses are closing down each year. The larger companies with deep pockets who are expected to ride out the worst of the situation are also increasing layoffs of their […]