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How Budget it work

The concept of anti-budget existed for many years in different forms and different (precise) modes. The key is that the anti-budget is supposed to be a smoother and softer version of budgets that sees you achieve the same goals in a more traditional approach, but anyway, super-linear “stuff” that goes with the establishment To establish […]

Waiting on a payment from a customer?

One of the craziest things can happen to you in your business VA is having to wait for someone to pay you. There really is no good way to describe it. I hope you do not mind! That causes stress, worry, anger, rage, and a host of other emotions. It might even be embarrassed by […]

Solopreneurs and social media

Participation in one or more social media platforms has become a given in the professional and personal levels. Almost all Solopreneur is present in at least one platform, even if such participation is not active. Social media has the potential to provide benefits to business owners, self-employed and traditionally, but in order to get these […]

What should a Manager of Corporate Innovation?

No time, I was chatting with technologically advanced friends of mine about exactly what should be the job description of an innovation manager of a large corporation. Here in our study group, we talked about the need for someone of his caliber and experience, as we have new ideas all the time and start new […]

Get Online Payday Loans

Financial industry has grown from strength to strength because of the two most popular financial products of this decade.The payday loans has grown more in popularity as compared to the cash withdrawals from credit cards in recent times.One of the reasons payday loans have become more popular and is most preferred by salaried people is […]