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What is an organizational development consultant, anyway?

Any company that does not work at all to its full potential still sees the writing on the wall. The financial health of any business will be satisfactory only if the business is based on its workforce and feed. In this case, the Organizational Development Advisor plays-the person is an entrepreneur trained in the development […]

Six Challenges Facing Business Owners

After spending the last few weeks to meet and talk to small business owners around Essex, it became apparent that they all seem to face similar daily challenges. As expected, they are all bad weather and the owners or directors of the company still feel they should be “active” and in all facets of their […]

Protect your knowledge in the knowledge economy

There are more on the line in hiring an outside expert than many true solopreneurs. When an entrepreneur decides to hire external talent to carry out a major project, in order to obtain evidence of competition for a rental potential, the apparent ability to collaborate and overall reliability is how internal decision makers evaluate who […]

Incentives to attract employers to their state

Have you ever considered the real costs when states compete with each other for a manufacturing plant for large companies or headquarters? If no state is competitive, the company must pay its share at the normal rate just like any other business would, but when it is sent to an offer, it is like a […]

6 Things Negotiators Need to Know

Almost everything we do in life involves some degree of sales / sales! We sell either a product, service, concept / idea, ourselves! To be effective, it is our responsibility to become a negotiator as effective as possible because achieving desirable goals is often the end result of negotiations on quality. However, it is important […]

How to Negotiate More Effectively with a Bully – Negotiation Tip of the Week

Negotiating with an abuser can be difficult. If you find yourself in such an unhappy position, use the following ideas to negotiate more effectively and be able to fight skillfully. Seek Leverage – A thug feels empowered in front of someone he perceives as weaker than him. To change the perspective of power, align with […]