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Doing win-win negotiation

Using current trading patterns, people feel that they give more than they want in exchange for getting less than they deserve. Under current practice, negotiating partners who engage in a negotiation calculate their incomes – they are willing to give and what they are willing to accept – then they will fight, argue, persuade or […]

Negotiate with your head and your heart

Years of negotiation was seen as an “intellectual” activity – a meeting of minds, which challenged the inverse ideas and concepts of each. Emotion samples were denigrated with lines like, “There’s no need to get all emotional, they’re just business.” Since then, they have developed enough to appreciate the principle of emotionally intelligent negotiator. We […]

How Negotiators Can Deal With “Scrambled Eggs”

If you take a look at the types of people who are attracted to the bargaining profession, you will find that they usually have many things in common. Specifically, these are people who like things to be nice and clean. Everything has a place for them. What I do not like much is chaos. Therefore, […]

7 tips for best trading event results

Most of us attended some events / conferences, which we considered well organized, informative, enjoyable and worth the time and money, and a number which we considered a little to the opposite. Since I have been professionally performing, organizing, organizing and / or supervising these for about four decades, I am perhaps more sensitive to […]