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Save money by selling Parajumpers

The paratroopers are high tech practice jackets outdoor jackets design used by the military in the United States borrow. The military body formed in relief operations in the most extreme conditions and has the word “Parajumpers” as its nickname. The typical jacket lining is durable, removable down-filled resistant nylon and a hood that is trimmed […]

Money management challenges with your spouse

When two people join forces in a union or domestic partners, one of the important aspects that will determine the success of their relationship is how to manage money together. While money can not buy love, it can certainly consolidate and ensure the basis of family ties. In the best case, the spouses must work […]

Spend or invest? New Reflections on the secular dilemma

A familiar experience for many Americans is that as soon as the money comes in, goes to the door again in search of the next “must have” purchase. These habits can take a toll on plans to build savings for the future. The key is to find a balance between immediate gratification and long-term financial […]