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Forest fires and the market

When I was at Southern Methodist University working on my MBA, my economics professor used an analogy that I will never forget that I think helps explain the current economy. “All animals living in the forest wildfires fear,” he said. “But without lights, the forest would die. Deadwood built. This wood stifles growth, so that […]

Best Fall sales tax

Lots of falling sales tax in different states, so they are the best sales tax for investors? I always recommend investing in your own backyard where you know that the values ​​of the property and can easily do your due diligence, but if this is not possible, you may want to take a look at […]

Financial management for couples: Do not let money ruin your relationship

Manage household finances and can be one of the biggest struggles of a facing pair. A person can be financially conservative and the other partner can spend more frivolous, but joining the bank accounts and the exchange of money should not cause stress in your relationship. By following the simple steps outlined below will help […]