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Reputation Management – Cast Studies in Failures

It’s one thing to hear people say that you need quality reputation management, it’s another thing to see how reputation management can serious affect one’s business or even personal life. Here are some examples: Blendtec, the marketing arm of a blender company, is famous for its countless “will it blend” videos that they post on […]

MBA Gateway to New Research in Business

Master in Business Administration – MBA that brings new research and path in one’s career. MBA business schools in now days try to put more efforts to update their courses menu that prepares student academically, personally, and professionally. Most of business schools offer online mba education that helps working bodies to gain more knowledge together […]

Customize People For Everyday Business Collaboration

There must be some strong possibilities which may lead us to the advantages of using SharePonit 2010. The advantages such as User Interface, Metadata, User Bookmark, Advance Routing, Inplace Records Management, Lists, Surfacing, Cut Costs, Rapidly Response, and Browser Independence etc. SharePonit 2010 melds the traditional collaboration tools such as document sharing, versioning and team […]

Business Process Models Explained

Business Process Modelling (BPM) is a field in systems and software engineering and is the activity of representing processes of an enterprise – so that the current processes may be analysed and thus improved in the future. Often confused with its partner Business Process Management – with the same acronym – BPM is an aspect […]