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Having Fun With Digital Marketing

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Today, one will find both consumers and digital marketing professionals in a rush. Social networks and 24/7 Internet connectivity has lead to people multi-tasking, over multiple dimensions and multiple channels. Moreover, the world economy is caught up in an austerity mode, with leading economists pronouncing a bleak outlook for 2012. This onslaught of fear and […]

Use Mobile Marketing Coupons to Increase Car Count for Auto Service Shop Marketing and Advertising

Whenever you think of the word ‘coupon’ you probably think discount. As an auto repair shop owner you’ve probably created a lot of ads or at least seen them where it includes a coupon. It’s either something like ‘Get 10% off some service” or ‘Get $10 off this’ or maybe the good old standard; ‘Mention […]

Mobile Promotions

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What is a mobile promotion? When you talk about marketing to a broad audience that is interested in what your company has to offer, you have to think about the best mediums for reaching that audience. Mobile technology has advanced significantly in the past few years and is even starting to surpass the Internet in […]